Design_graphic.jpgRegistration with SANAS does not permit us to conduct design work as it is a conflict of interest to inspect your own designs.

Due to this we have entered into an agreement with Wesuka International, a Cape Town independent design house for any fire detection and gaseous fire system designs. With 20 years’ experience in the fire detection and gaseous extinguishing arena they are well positioned to offer cost effective fire system design services for end users.

FSIB Fire Systems maintains its relationships with the client by conducting a site investigation and customer interview to ensure all client requirements as well as national standards are complied with. A choice of standard to design to and category of system is determined by the FSIB. This information is forwarded to Wesuka International to conduct the design

These designs will then be vetted and compared to the site conditions by the FSIB before submitting to the client, so getting a quality design checked and vetted by professionals with years of experience.

FSIB have been responsible for small substation detection systems through to entire power station designs over many years. You are in safe hands working with the FSIB.

Be sure to get it right from the very beginning, contact us to get involved at design stage of your project.



FSIB Fire Systems provide a design vetting service.

Consultants and designers conduct fire detection and gas suppression installation designs. The contractor installs the system on site as per the design. Should the design be incorrect for any reason it can lead to expensive and long term rectifications. A costly exercise for all parties.

Mistakes can be easily rectified at design change with just a drawing change at a very reasonable cost.

The best of designers can overlook certain items which are easily picked up by a second set of eyes.

Contractors often conduct a design and supply project where they become responsible for the system design, supply, installation, and commissioning with nobody outside of the company checking the project as it progresses. These systems can go unseen by outside parties for years carrying inherent design errors.

Why take chances, do it right the first time!!!